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Some useful GP Iphone Apps

(Re-blogging links from a really savvy ex-colleague, Ms Adrienne De Souza )

” 1. gp@mjc

Articles and snippets of information are organized according to GP topics. I did find that it took a while to load though, and some snippets didn’t come with links to full articles. However, it’s the only GP-specific app I’ve seen, and I think it’s worth checking out.

2. pulse

The app allows you to subscribe to your favourite news sources, but what I like even better is the option to subscribe to top stories within certain fields. For example, if I subscribe to the top science stories, pulse will compile only the biggest stories (rather than just give me everything and make me figure out which stories are more important) – ideal for time-strapped students (and teachers).

3. intelligent life (by The Economist)

I’ve loved The Economist since the time I was a student, and this recently-acquired app is definitely set to become one of my favourites.

4. Flipboard

This app reminds me of pulse, so I like this for most of the same reasons I like pulse (see above). I also quite like the layout and look of this app.”