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Sample Essay: To what extent do advertisements reflect what society desires?

To what extent do advertisements reflect what society desires? – Jolyne 1T37, 2012

 In a highly competitive economic environment where advertising is used to ensure the survival of a brand, it is no wonder that product advertisements have to reflect societal wants in order to be differentiated. Advertisements aim to enhance sales of products being advertised by enhancing the image of the products to increase consumer awareness, interest and make an impact in society. Successful advertisements will stimulate or arouse the human appetite for a given object of attention to buy and encourage feelings of being deprived if having to do without. To achieve this purpose, advertisements have to target consumers by presenting products in a way that appeals to consumer’s desires so as to create the desire for the product. Hence, advertisements do reflect what society desires to a great extent. However, advertisements also create new desires in consumers and they can do so while reflecting what society desires to get initial attention. Continue reading

Questions to practice for the Mid Year Exam

  1. “A young person is powerless to influence today’s world.” How far is this true?
  1. Do you agree that Singaporeans today face great anxiety?
  1. “Modern life has made us lonely.” How far is this true?
  1. “The youth of today are a deprived lot.” Discuss.
  1. Is reading fiction a waste of time?
  1. To what extent do you think new forms of technology will render teachers unnecessary?
  1. “The harsher the laws, the safer the country.” How far do you agree that capital punishment makes a country a safer place?
  1. “He who opens a school door, closes a prison” (Victor Hugo). Is education the best way to solve the problem of crime?
  1. “Success is never final, failure is never fatal.” Is this true of your society?
  1. ‘Our leaders have failed us.’ In the light of developments in the world today, to what extent would you agree?
  1. ‘The most exciting way to live is on the edge.’ Is this necessarily true?
  1. To what extent do you think the media prevents us from thinking for ourselves?Drop me a mail and a text if you’re sending me essay plans or would like to meet for a review of a written piece – and in the absence of genius, try.