About Intellectual Character

Flex a muscle, change your disposition.

Good thinking is not only a matter of skills, it is almost wholly, a matter of dispositions. I am interested in not so much a person’s ability to think critically, but how much he invests in those abilities. I hope that through these articles, follow up questions, prompts, activities or responses, we develop open mindedness, curiousity, pay attention to evidence, become skeptical of weak reasoning, and trustful of sound ones, open up our imaginative capacities, stamp out indifference.

This blog is simply an extension of the classroom where learning is pervasive, and our pattern of interaction, questioning, critiquing, discovering, wonderment Р simply finds new forms.

So, welcome to the generalpaperpress a strictly non-profit, education-centered, blog-endeavour to compile the best-of-the-web with accompanying extension questions for thinking. Hyphenated descriptions aside, my hope is that for all students taking the GCE ‘A’ Level Paper, this blog will be a crucible of ideas and insights from which you can generate your own opinion, and in the process, illuminate your own thinking. In time to come, expect to see skills oriented lessons, practices and models [for my students – password protected for copyright purposes]

In the words of Karl Popper (who imagined what Thales, one of the fathers of Western Philosophy and the master teacher of criticism to his students would say), ‘This is how I see things – how I believe that things are. Try to improve upon my teaching’

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