Ideas that Matter

Ever had a feeling that whatever we are discussing has a bigger name to it? That the complexities of the issue not withstanding… there is really a name to all these parts?

A personal dictionary of IDEAS, BIG EXCITING NOUNS (!)  that have a bearing on our understanding of the world is an invaluable resource for any GP student – heck, it is valuable resource for anyone who has a stake in communicating his thoughts.

A dictionary of ideas (more than the sampling provided in Themes of the World) is a starting point that enhances our understanding of the world, its movements, the possibilities emerging, and gives us LANGUAGE to label the intellectual world.

Some examples:

Eco affluence. Commodification. Commercialism. Scientisim. Welfare. Aesthetics.  

Enrichment materials for self-learning. Download Big Ideas

Once again, TED (with its tagline ‘ideas worth spreading’) takes the prize for the most up-to-date and engaging resource to build literacy in both the scientific and cultural aspects.

2 books I’d recommend, easily available from Kinokuniya (add to cart!)

Ideas That Matter : The Concepts That Shape the 21st Century (Reprint)50 Big Ideas You Really Need to Know -- Hardback

Ideas that matter – concepts that shape the 21st century

50 Big Ideas you really need to know




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