Deconstructing Logic

The art of analysing arguments must be matched with the craft of expressing the flaws within those arguments. Language that moves your own argument forward in an academic fashion helps your reader follow your chain of thought, and systematically persuades us that these flaws exist. Without being emotional (the argument is retarded! look at the moronic logic!), you should methodically dissect the text and avoid resorting to the fallacies the writer utilises.

In the absence of genius, practice makes perfect. You should complete the rest of the analysis from where the sample stops, using your own work/class discussion as a source.

Download for today’s work here:  Deconstructing poor logic (handout)

Email  ( your analysis for the remaining portions of the text. You should also attach your draft 1 analysis.

Due: 11/3 (Tuesday), 10pm – please indicate your name and class in your email


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