The worst toys of 2011

 By Susan Linn, Boston Magazine, Feb 9 2012

Vinci Learning Tablet 
“The $479 may seem like a lot, but that’s a small price to pay for the tranquility that comes when your infant is virtually lobotomized….[Plus], you can join the company in pretending that screen time is great for your little one.”

I Am T-Pain Mic 
“[T]his amazing microphone will transform the voice of your child to sound just like rap star and auto-tune aficionado T-Pain — and introduce him to T-Pain’s lyrical world of misogyny, drinking and drugs.”

Monster High Dolls 
“Skinnier than Barbie! More sexualized than the Bratz! From their impossibly thin bodies to their micro-mini skirts, booty shorts, and botoxed lips, the Monster High Dolls embody every damaging stereotype you can imagine — and some you can’t — about what it means to be female.”

Plus: By the numbers:
19 Percent of children under one year old who have a television in their bedroom
32 Number of hours preschool children spend per week in front of screens
50 Billions of dollars that marketers spend each year targeting children
1.2 Trillions of dollars in annual consumer spending that’s influenced by kids


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