Welcome to the global cleantech 100

The global cleantech 100 showcases the most innovative advances in the sector, revealing the strides being taken to greener technology

By , The Guardian, 18 October 2011

This year’s Cleantech 100 received a record number of nominations, up over 2,000 on last year. The list, a three year-old joint venture between the Guardian and the Cleantech Group, is a snapshot of the most exciting, innovative and up-and-coming clean technology companies in the world.For more on the methodology and the expert panelists behind the list, just scroll down the page.

Here are the top 100 companies:

Company Name
Helveta UK Agriculture Provider of sustainable forestry management technology.
Kaiima Israel Agriculture Developer of genomic-based breeding technology to develop high-yielding energy crops for bio-diesel, bio-ethanol, and biomass energy. Formerly Biofuel International.
Purfresh USA Agriculture Developer of ozone technology to provide safe, fresh, high quality produce and water
BioAmber USA Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer and producer of green chemicals from agricultural feedstocks with a focus on bio-based succinic acid
Chemrec Sweden Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer of energy and chemical recovery systems that convert papermaking by-products into biofuels via gasification technology.
Green Biologics UK Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer of microbial, fermentation and process technology to turn readily available waste and agricultural by-products into high value chemicals and fuels
LanzaTech New Zealand Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer of a process that increases industrial energy efficiency by capturing waste gases (CO, CO2) and converting them to fuels and chemicals.
LS9 USA Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer of genetically modified microbes, converting feedstock into renewable fuels and chemicals in a one-stage fermentation process.
Nexterra Canada Biofuels & Biomaterials Nexterra develops, manufactures and delivers gasification systems to self-generate clean, low cost heat and power at industrial and institutional facilities using waste fuels.
Stirling DK Denmark Biofuels & Biomaterials Operator of a CO2 neutral combined heat and power plant based on a biomass-fired Stirling Engine.
Topell Energy Netherlands Biofuels & Biomaterials Manufacturer of torrefied pellets from a variety of biomass feedstocks.
ZeaChem USA Biofuels & Biomaterials Developer of a cellulose-based biorefinery platform capable of producing advanced ethanol, fuels and chemicals
4Energy UK Energy Efficiency Developer of cooling devices for thermally sensitive equipment such as radios, routers, batteries, and data centers.
Adura Technologies USA Energy Efficiency Developer of lighting management systems based on low-power wireless mesh networking systems.
AMEE UK Energy Efficiency Developer of a reference platform to measure and track carbon, greenhouse gas and energy impacts.
BridgeLux USA Energy Efficiency Developer of energy efficient LED lighting systems.
Climate Well Sweden Energy Efficiency Provider of indoor climate equipment that stores available thermal energy for desired use
Digital Lumens USA Energy Efficiency Developer of LED-based Intelligent Lighting Systems for commercial & industrial building spaces
EnOcean Germany Energy Efficiency Developer of energy harvesting sensors and communication systems for use in building automation and energy management systems.
Hara USA Energy Efficiency Cloud-based solution to measure, monitor and optimize enterprise resources and waste outputs such as energy, water, waste and carbon.
JouleX USA Energy Efficiency JouleX produces software programs that manage energy usage in the IT networks of offices and data centers.
Lattice Power China Energy Efficiency Developer of high-output white LEDs based on gallium nitride (GaN) die fabricated on silicon substrates.
Lemnis Lighting Netherlands Energy Efficiency Developer of sustainable lighting solutions based on LEDs.
Nexant USA Energy Efficiency Nexant is a provider of intelligent grid software and clean energy solutions—developing and innovating electric power grid and alternative energy technologies and services.
Novacem UK Energy Efficiency Novacem develops carbon negative cement.
Nujira UK Energy Efficiency Provider of high efficiency radio frequency and power amplifiers for the wireless communications industry.
Project FROG USA Energy Efficiency Designer and manufacturer of energy and resource efficient and zero net energy modular buildings
Scientific Conservation USA Energy Efficiency Cloud-based solution for commercial buildings to manage energy use by comparing predicted energy and system efficiencies with real-time operations
ShineOn China Energy Efficiency ShineOn is involved in the research, development and production of high brightness LED devices.
Synapsense USA Energy Efficiency Provider of wireless instrumentation and control systems for energy and thermal efficiency in data centers, clean rooms, and facilities.
Tendril USA Energy Efficiency Tendril provides a home energy management SaaS platform that facilitates interaction within the energy ecosystem and provides utility solutions.
Transphorm USA Energy Efficiency Transphorm develops technology to eliminate the electric conversion losses when converting from alternating to direct current.
24M Technologies USA Energy Storage A spinout of lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems experimenting with advanced lithium ion and flow battery designs for grid-scale and EV applications.
Amprius USA Energy Storage Developer of advanced lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics and automotive applications.
Boston-Power USA Energy Storage Producer of lithium-ion battery technology for the portable power, electric vehicle and utility energy storage markets
General Compression USA Energy Storage Developer of isothermal compressed air energy storage systems to provide fuel-free energy storage for renewable energy generation.
Ioxus USA Energy Storage Developer of ultracapacitors and hybrid-capacitors that can be made into individual cells, pre-packaged modules, or complete systems.
McPhy Energy France Energy Storage Developer and producer of solid state hydrogen storage batteries for renewable energy and industrial gas storage.
Sakti3 USA Energy Storage Developer of advanced solid state lithium ion battery technology, aimed at the electric vehicle market.
Seeo USA Energy Storage Developer of advanced solid-state batteries to revolutionize electricity storage and delivery.
SustainX USA Energy Storage Developer of energy storage technologies in the form of compressed air.
Xtreme Power USA Energy Storage Developer of utility-scale power management and energy storage systems.
Avantium Netherlands Materials Developer of a technology that converts biomass into bio-based polymers called Furanics.
Canatu Finland Materials Developer of patent technology and manufacturer of thin film component and carbon nanomaterials.
Elevance Renewable Sciences USA Materials Producer of high-performance waxes, functional oils, anti-microbials, lubricants, additives and other chemicals using olefin metathesis technology.
Genomatica USA Materials Developer of green chemicals from renewable feedstocks such as sugar and trash.
Kebony Norway Materials Manufacturer of sustainable hard wood created by modifying sustainably sourced soft wood.
Novomer USA Materials Producer of polymers and plastics made from CO2 and other renewable materials.
Synthetic Genomics USA Materials Developer of genome-based solutions for biofuels and biochemicals.
Amminex Denmark Other Developer of chemical-based ammonia storage and delivery systems for removing NOx from diesel emissions, and storing hydrogen for fuel cell applications.
Electrawinds Belgium Other Provider of renewable energy from wind, solar and biomass.
Nobao Renewable Energy Holdings China Other Developer of heating and cooling geothermal technologies through energy management contract (EMC).
O-Flexx Technologies Germany Other Developer of thermo-electric products that convert heat into electricity.
Windlab Systems Australia Other Developer of wind farms, using proprietary atmospheric modelling software to identify suitable regions and conduct detailed site assessment.
Agilyx USA Recycling & Waste A provider of a technology that converts mixed waste plastics into synthetic crude oil and other valuable petrochemical products.
Attero Recycling India Recycling & Waste Provider of e-waste management and recycling services.
GMZ Energy USA Recycling & Waste Developer of thermoelectric nanomaterials to convert waste heat into energy.
Harvest Power USA Recycling & Waste Harvest Power produces energy sources and fertilizer products from waste plants.
Recupyl France Recycling & Waste Developer of hazardous waste recycling technologies transforming waste into valuable materials
RecycleBank USA Recycling & Waste Developer of a financial rewards system for households that recycle.
Amantys UK Smart Grid A start-up developer of power electronic products.
eMeter USA Smart Grid Developer of a software platform and applications that allow electric, gas, and water utilities to execute large-scale smart grid deployments.
On-Ramp Wireless USA Smart Grid Developer of wireless communication systems for the water, smart grid and other industries that allow device communication in hard to reach environments.
Opower USA Smart Grid Software-as-a-Service developer of customer engagement and billing analytics tools for utilities.
Silver Spring Networks USA Smart Grid Provider of networking communication technologies and solutions to utilities for advanced metering, as well as home energy management, distribution automation, and other related applications.
Trilliant USA Smart Grid Trilliant provides unified Smart Grid communications solutions. that enable advanced metering, distribution automation, demand response, Smart Home and Buildings, and integration of distributed energy resources (such as solar panels, electric vehicles etc
1366 Technologies USA Solar Developer of manufacturing technology that reduces costs and increases the efficiency of silicon wafer production for solar cells.
Barefoot Power Australia Solar Developer of solar powered lighting products for use in developing countries.
BrightSource Energy USA Solar BrightSource Energy designs, develops and sells solar thermal power systems for utility and industrial companies
Enecsys UK Solar Developer of micro-inverters for solar PV systems.
EnPhase Energy USA Solar Provider of solar energy management systems, for residential and commercial markets to make solar PV installations more efficient and responsive.
eSolar USA Solar Developer of modular heliostats and tower-mounted receivers for utility-scale solar thermal energy generation.
Heliatek Germany Solar Developer and producer of organic photovoltaic solar cells.
Miasole USA Solar Developer of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic solar panels.
SolaireDirect France Solar Solairedirect is a developer of solar PV installations for residential, commercial and community-scale customers.
SolarCity USA Solar Provider of design, financing and maintenance services for solar power customers
Soltecture Germany Solar Formerly known as Sulfurcell, Soltecture is a producer of CIGS/CIGSe thin-film photovoltaics.
Suniva USA Solar Suniva develops crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturing processes to increase performance.
SunRun USA Solar SunRun purchases, installs and maintains residential solar energy systems, removing the high upfront capital requirement.
Tigo Energy USA Solar Provider of hardware, software and web-based applications to improve PV installation power output.
Better Place USA Transportation Provides charging infrastructure and services for electric vehicles.
Compact Power Motors Germany Transportation Developer of ultra-compact electric motors.
Coulomb Technologies USA Transportation Developer of networked charging stations for electric vehicles.
EVO Electric UK Transportation Developer of electrical motors, generators, gensets, and integrated hybrid electric drivetrain systems based on proprietary axial flux motor/generator technology.
Fisker Automotive USA Transportation Developer of plug-in hybrid and solar powered luxury automobiles.
GreenRoad Technologies USA Transportation A provider of software, hardware and change management solutions to optimize driving behavior from a safety, fuel efficiency, and vehicle stress point of view.
Mission Motors USA Transportation Mission Motors, formerly known as Hum Cycles, manufactures electric motorcycles, and develops & supplies powertrain technology to automotive OEMs.
RelayRides USA Transportation Developer of a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that connects car owners willing to rent their cars that are not in use, with drivers who need short-term vehicle access.
APTwater USA Water & Wastewater APTwater develops proprietary water treatment technologies and provides operating services, targeting a wide variety of contaminants and applications in industrial and municipal water and wastewater.
Aqwise Israel Water & Wastewater Developer of a fixed biofilm water and wastewater treatment process for municipal and industrial markets.
Emefcy Israel Water & Wastewater Developer of Electrogenic Bioreactors (EBR) that treat wastewater and generate electricity.
Filterboxx Canada Water & Wastewater Supplier of containerized water treatment systems to industrial, municipal, resort and aboriginal clients.
HydroPoint Data Systems USA Water & Wastewater Provider of satellite-based smart irrigation technologies
NanoH2O USA Water & Wastewater Develops nanocomposite membranes for the desalination market.
Oasys Water USA Water & Wastewater Developer of a forward osmosis platform for desalination, water treatment, and waste heat recovery.
Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Canada Water & Wastewater Sells fertilizer it removes and collects from municipality water waste.
Puralytics USA Water & Wastewater Developer of photochemical water purification technology
TaKaDu Israel Water & Wastewater TakaDu provides a web-based Water Infrastructure Monitoring platform that enables utilities to conserve water, energy and infrastructure.
Voltea Netherlands Water & Wastewater Developer of a scalable water desalination technology using membrane capacitive deionization (CapDI).
WaterHealth USA Water & Wastewater Provides water purification and disinfection technology to underserved rural and peri-urban communities in developing countries.


We asked which 100 of today’s private cleantech companies are the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next five to 10 years. Hundreds of worldwide cleantech experts – including companies themselves – nominated the list, which also included so- called “passive” nominations and validations derived from analysing market data, taking votes of confidence in a company’s ability to achieve high growth and high-market impact from market transactions such as investment rounds, and major customer and partnership announcements. To be on the list, companies must be independent, for-profit, cleantech companies that are not listed on any major stock exchange.

In 2011, 6,652 nominations were received from 3,260 unique sources, resulting in a longlist of 4,274 companies. A weighting and filter system was then applied to collate the results, score each company, and reduce the candidates to a shortlist of 213 companies to present to an expert advisory panel in a second stage of the process. Here members of the expert panel (listed below) combine their votes with scores carried through from the first stage. Ultimately firms are scored on three key criteria: their innovation, their market’s size and growth, and the company’s ability and resources to execute its technology. The result is this authoritative guide to the best 100 companies in cleantech.


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