The fuss over fracking

You read that right. Hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) is a method of drilling into reservoir rock formation and pumping water and chemicals (Benzene is used, which has been linked to cancer)  into the rock bed in order to increase the rate and ultimate recovery of natural gas.The controversy? Sputtering faucets (taps) containing combustible gases like methane, contamination of ground water with arsenic etc   Is the search for alternative energy sources, or the extraction of it all that safe?

Read up on the controversies behind the extraction of natural gas (called hydraulic fracking) from shale deposits (Pennsylvania in the USA is the 2nd largest Shale deposit in the world)

Watch trailer for Gasland:

A 2008 Time ‘Clean Energy Scam’ article is a good read on renewable/clean energy controversies. Click here

I would think clean energy and bio fuels would be a topic worth delving into in prep for 2011.


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